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Feedback for Buyers

Please leave your comments & feedback about my items here.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
Thank you for browsing my blog.
If you would like to give me a feedback, you can also add me a credit at eglfeedback on the following address:

Positive Feedback: 423

Reviews from our customers:
Rose Melody Rosa Aroma JSK Review at EGL
Review: QCute QutieLand Service (In Swedish Blog)
KidsYoYo and Qutieland Review
Coat Review: Kids YoYo Celebi AP Style Winter Coat (purchased through qcute)
Kids YoYo AP Carnival Replica Review & Side by Side Comparison with the Real Thing!
Review: Dollscrops (& Qcute)! at EGL
Review: Rose Melody JSK
Dear Celine + Qcute/Qutieland review
QutieLand/Miranda shoes review
Kisyoyo Celebi AP Style Coat from qcute review
Dollscrops little deer series review
QCute, Rose Melody Petticoat, & Brief Dear Celine Bunny Parka Reviews
Quiteland Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Skirt, DollscroPs Daily A-Shape Pettie Review
QutieLand HMHM Chandelier Dress Review
Qutieland/KidsYoYo/Dear Celine REVIEW!!
QuiteLand REVIEW. Rose Melody,Surface Spell Gothic and R-Series
Review: Qutieland, Dream of Lolita and Miranda Shoes

Outfit Coordinate from our customers:
DollscroPs - happy milky chan
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