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Dear Customers,

Recently we have received several comments / feedback about the size issue on the Winter garments order with us (items included from KidsYoYo, Rose Melody and Last Country). Some of comments are quite negative as the clothes have been made too big at the bust and the waist also. As some of the orders finally still can be resolved, but not a very satisfy result, so that we would to explain the situation and let all of our customers understand that in details.

In our terms and condition, we have mentioned that the garment size of Tailormake order is based on the pure body size (with bra and underwear only) provided by the customers. Our supplier will based on that body size and add about 4cm on top of that to achieve the garment size (this is the Summer garments order situation, and for bust size within 90cm). And in case of bigger body size order, that will add even 5-6cm to achieve the garment size. This is a rough calculation and may be vary from different orders as per design / cutting / fabric type (and also relate to the overall body scale). This estimation method has been work properly and most of our customers also satisfied with that.

Regarding to the Winter garments order, all of the suppliers will add extra at least 2-3cm based on the Summer estimation (that means on top of the 4cm mentioned before for summer garments, they will add 2-3cm more), that’s totally about 6-7cm on body size to achieve the Winter garment size. The reason as they got to provide enough room for thick underwear (or even wool underwear) inside.

At this point, some of our customers felt that’s very non-sense, and they may not even believe that QutieLand is talking about the truth. Some of them may think that QutieLand is telling the lie in order to push away the responsibility on the size issue and cover our suppliers. But we would like to explain this situation in details as follow,  and we would like all of our customers understand that as well.

On the habit of winter underwear, most of the Chinese will put on thicker underwear, or even Wool Underwear as well. Some customers may not understand and assumed that’s not necessary. But in case of China, most places also do not have heater (whatever home / school / office / factory / public transport). So that people got to wear enough no matter indoor or outdoor. And due to this reason, they won’t just put on thick coat outside, but also thick underwear as indoor is cold as well. As all of our suppliers are based in China, they will make the garment size estimation according to their local market. Due to the necessity of wearing thicker underwear inside, our suppliers got to provide enough room inside when estimate the garment size during Winter.

As the point of running a business, we got no excuse of missing this situation. But for the reason of all of our staff (under QutieLand) also born from China or Hong Kong, and we have a similar culture background to grow up. We don't really aware this habit difference on the underwear before. Especially we have run this shop for nearly 2 years and quite a lot of customers have been ordered Winter clothes from us. Although not 100% perfect, we have received a lot of positive feedback (on Winter dresses) that fit them well. So that we (QutieLand) and our suppliers from China don't aware the issue on that size which lead by the underwear until the recent comments from the customers and further research with our frequent customers.

Regarding to this situation, our whole QutieLand team is very sorry about that. And due to this reason and made any misunderstanding with our customers, we would like to apologize on that as well. In order to prevent the size issue on Winter garments order again, right now we will check with our customers again regarding to the type of underwear will put on before the order placed with our suppliers. We hope that can reduce the chance on the size issue on ours order, and can deliver the orders with as accurate as possible to our customers.

And apart from the above announcement about Winter clothes order, we would like to explain about refund and exchange policy of our shop. As the Overseas Dealer of the brands under our shop, we are providing the same grading of “After Sale Service” as our supplier in China. In case of any tailormake order with size issue, QutieLand MUST work with the customer and try the best way to resolve that (partial refund, some kind of compensation, replace or refund).

But before we can find the best way to resolve the size issue, we must firstly detail understand the situation, and get all necessary information (measurement and photos etc) from the customer first, and then we can check with the supplier according to those reference. But at the same time, we will explain to our customers that any necessary information about the product design or size measurement as well. We think that’s necessary procedure as sometimes the complain may be happened on misunderstanding only. We hope that the customers won’t misunderstand that we are giving excuse and not taking responsibility to the order in case any issue happened. We just want to make sure both parties (we and the customer) can fully understand the situation only.

If any of our customers have further questions on the Winter Clothes order, or have any comment on the refund policy, please feel free to send us e-mail. We are always open to discuss that with our customers and explain further details with them.


QutieLand - QQ


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Sep. 13th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Questions about ordering from Kidsyoyo
Wow, I'm really glad I read up on this, as I'm planning to order a winter coat!

I have a few questions. I'd like to order this Kidsyoyo coat in WHITE

What measurements do I need to give? Bust, waist, hips, height, anything else? How much would shipping be to zipcode 07203 in the USA?
Sep. 13th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC)
Re: Questions about ordering from Kidsyoyo
Sorry, I didn't realize that I wasn't logged in!
Sep. 14th, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Questions about ordering from Kidsyoyo

Thanks for your enquiry.

Regarding to the coat order, firstly you need to put your "pure body size" (with bra and underwear) measurement when placing the order. And in our confirmation e-mail, we will ask you further measurement. We will give you a full list of information that we need (e.g. measurement with JSK, shoulder size etc).

About the postage fee, that's HKD$363 to US by EMS.

If you need further information about the coat, you can find that by the link below:


Please let us know if you have further questions on that.


QutieLand - Billy

Oct. 3rd, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for this. :) Out of curiousity, did much of the complaining customers come from warmer areas? The situation seems like a lot of confusion between those living in warmer places vs. colder ones.

On the topic of winter coats, may I ask how willing the shops are to adjust a couple things on their existing designs? I'm interested in purchasing the Kidsyoyo Celebi coat in all-black, but I do not favour the type of sheepskin fur they use - I prefer the type of smooth fur used on their Classical Violin coat.

I understand they make the Celebi coat to order, so is it possible to request them to use a different type of fur similar to the Violin coat (i would not mind paying a fee)? And also to not use the diamante decorations? ;)
Oct. 5th, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC)

Thanks for your enquiry. Regarding to your questions, let me answer that one by one.

About the complain on the winter garment issue. Very honestly speaking, we have received about 3-4 during these 2 years. And all of them also came from US. And you are correct, the situation is really come from different habit on wearing. Just like Canada or Russia customers are more than happy tht we can give enough room inside the coat.

And also about the size issue, that's mainly happened on JSK or OP, but not on Coat as we have asked more information for coat order before. But right now we have checked more details with dress as well already.

Regarding to the change design, most of our shop won't accept that on theirs existing design as they have a pattern to make the coat. And they will take a lot of works to do those alternation on design. However if you are just looking for "no ribbons" or "no embrodiary", that would be ok. But change the type of fur is bit hard as they will need to order other type of raw material for just one coat order.

Please let us know if you have further questions on that.


QutieLand - Billy

Feb. 12th, 2013 11:51 am (UTC)

I understand that clothes either have SML sizes or can be customised by our measurements. When the supplier adds the 4-6cm to create the garment size, does this apply to custom sizes only, or both?

Thank you for this post (:
Feb. 12th, 2013 11:56 am (UTC)

That apply to custom size only. Fix size will be keep the same as the size table measurement.


QutieLand - Vi
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