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QutieLand News Update - New Products (10/04/2011 Update)

Dear Customers,

This is the latest update from QutieLand. This week we got two main big update under our shop. Please find the detail as follow.

1. Rose Melody New Spring Series Update
After nearly 3 months of waiting, the new series with beautiful print from Rose Melody been finally released. Details can be found from the link below:

Rose Melody New Spring Series Update
(click the link above to access to the page, refresh the page if you cannot load that properly)

2. Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round Series New Color Option
Apart from the new series under Rose Melody, we are offering new color combination of the Merry-Go-Round series. Detail can be found from the order page below:

RMJ0011  -  Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round JSK
RMO0003  -  Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round OP
RMS0014  -  Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round Skirt
(click the link above to access to the page, refresh the page if you cannot load that properly)

3. Miranda Shoes New Size and Color Option
We have a big update for the products under Miranda Shoes in this week. The update included new color options for Matte PU and Enamel PU as well. Most of the shoes can be selected one of the following 24 colors to make.

Apart from new color option, all model of shoes can be ordered from Size 22cm to 26.5cm right now as well. All Miranda Shoes model can be found from the link below:

Miranda Shoes List

4. Shoes Size Research
Last but not least, we are going to accept bigger shoes size order (27cm to 28cm) in the near future. But we would like to know what's our customers reference first. So that we are doing a small scale of research. Details as follow:

Shoes Size Research

Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestion about the shoes size option. We are more than happy to listen to that.

5. New OZLolita Offer
As a local Lolita Shop, QutieLand has an OZLolita Offer (HKD$25 off per item, except accessories and headdress) to all orders from Australia local customers. And started from this week, we are going to provide one more extra offer based on the existing OZLolita Offer. 

For those orders which use "Bank Transfer" as payment method, the total item price (not included postage fee) will have an extra 5% off. And this offer can be applied with the existing OZLolita Offer together. If you have further questions about this offer, please feel free to let us know.

* This offer only applied to Australia local customers' order.
* The delivery address got to be within Australia.

This is the end of this long update. Thank you very much for your time. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on the above products.


QutieLand - Billy

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